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Pipa originated from West Asia it was clearly known in China by the 2nd Century. The modern Pipa has 29 or 21 frets, 6 on the neck and the rest on the body of the instrument; it is a short necked Chinese lute, prominent in Chinese opera orchestras. Originally the strings are made of silk but now they are usually made from nylon wrapped steel, played with short finger picks or plectrums attached to the fingers. The instrument is played vertically on the thighs; it is a sophisticated instrument to play. Its name comes from the finger technique for plucking in a forward motion and plucking in a backward motion.

The award winning Pagoda Chinese Youth Orchestra performs around the world.

It is the first and largest Chinese Youth Orchestra in Europe. Their unique sound and joyous melodies give their audiences a flavour of both Chinese and Western, & ancient, and modern experimental fusion.Throughout the years, many young people between the ages of 4 to 20 have learnt to play Chinese musical instruments. Its not just about music but about learning and sharing their rich cultural heritage.