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2014 films

2014 saw a new year for the Film Futures course and a fantastic group of women who created another amazing 5 films.

Being Dad

A hard hitting and moving drama looking at post natal depression from the dads perspective, written by Ann Marie Quinn

# Game On

A fiery and gritty short, following one night in the lives of 3 rugby players tackling the perils of competition and the pros of cooperation written by Janet Baker


A lyrical, insightful and sometimes surreal vision into the world of addition. Written by Sophie Wells

See below the very first films the group made in the first week. They where given a 2 line script and a genre to create a film. Have a look below to see how they did.

The Break in?

A classic underworld cautionary tale depicting how crime doesn't pay.

Hello Gorgeous

A comical visit to the beauty salon doesn't quite go as expected

2013-14 films

# Tax This

A personal drama of a mother coping with the injustice of the bedroom tax. She determines to fight back.

# Unveiled

A dark psychological horror telling the story of Angela and her revenge.

# To Look and Not See

A lesbian romantic comedy.  Will Cassidy get the girl?

# Highly Strung

A horror story of two friends. Strange sounds. And two puppets but who's pulling the strings?

# Behind the Scenes

See behind the scenes of the filmmaking course. Making the films written on the screenwriting course