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Liverpool-based filmmaking organisation, First Take would like to invite you to the premiere of ‘Big Society The Musical’, which is opening the London Labour Film Festival, 6pm, 28th April, Odeon Cinema, Covent Garden, London.

‘Big Society The Musical’ is about standing up and saying ‘this is who we are – the real big society - and our actions speak louder than their words.’ First Take’s film is a provocative, creative and gutsy response to the insult and lie that is the governments ‘Big Society’ policy. The film tackles real issues and unpicks the reality of a society that is being systematically crushed and stripped of its spirit.  Decades of hard work are at risk of being wasted and lost.  It’s about saying we won’t just sit back and let our communities be destroyed and forgotten.  As one of the characters in the film sings:

 “If they don’t see us march, then we’ll dance.  If they don’t hear us shout, then we’ll sing” 

The film set in Liverpool, spans 2011.  It is a hard-hitting, tragic yet hopeful personal drama.  We filmed the story against the backdrop of events as they were unfolding; the austerity marches, the royal wedding, the riots weaving them into the fabric of the film, the music and the personal drama. 

It was 5th February 2011 when we shot the first footage for the film and it was 2nd March 2014, over 3 years later, when we shot the last.  It is a stunning achievement and a groundbreaking piece of work.  A musical with 16 original tracks with lyrics that subvert Cameron’s rhetoric, insightful and beautiful cinematography, hard-hitting performances from award winning actor Paula Simms, the amazing voice of Jennifer John from Sense of Sound Choir, Dan Wilson of The Cubical and introducing the raw talent of Joe Maddocks who plays the young offender Connor and defiantly sings “we’re all in this together, that’s what the man on the TV says…”

It’s a must see.   

Ways to get involved: We are actively seeking partners and champions to help us host screenings around the country. Share the Video on Demand campaign.  Help us with marketing and distribution.  Help us get the message out about the film. 
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Please come join us for after screening drinks and to chat further about how you can help.