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During the making of First Take's feature documentary ‘Pink: Past and Present’ one of the contributors Phil Johnson said that his greatest fear about going into a residential care home was he’d have to go back in the closet.  This is a man who had already lived through times when homosexuality was illegal and had been a campaigner for homosexual equality all his life. That comment alone was enough to make First Take want to create a series of films aimed at people working in residential and home care to highlight some of the issues that LGBT people have. 

An LGBT steering group was set up to discuss the issues and some of the people agreed to be filmed and tell their stories and highlight their individual concerns about residential and home care.

IMPROVE YOUR SERVICE TODAY. If healthcare professionals are to understand all the issues around LGBT people then training is essential. Such training is available through In-Trust, on completion you will receive a Navajo Chartermark. For organisations outside Merseyside please refer to the links below, all of which can provide more info and direct you to relevant training in your area. Thankyou for caring.